Thank You: Thanks extended for providing ‘thinking ape'

September 06, 2001

Do you believe that you can want a thing enough that you can draw it to you?

In the late 1960s I wanted an Indian-beaded necklace like one I had lost in moving to El Centro. This was a unique strand, made of a rope of scarlet beads. That yearning was imprinted on my mind.

One day a lady — I've forgotten who, though it may have been Emily Shreck — brought a gift to me. I opened the box and there to my astonishment was my rope of scarlet beads!

I had never mentioned my desire for the beads to anyone. So why had they been chosen as a gift for me?


I would be remiss not to mention that the deepest desire of my heart circa the early 1970s was for a husband — not any old husband, but one with specific spiritual qualities. In due time he came into my life, quite by chance. We will have been married 30 years Sept. 13.

More recently, the deep desire of my heart was for a figurine of a "thinking ape" with a book on his knee. He was posed like Rodin's "The Thinker." I wanted to add him to my whimsical animal collection, but ran out of money and couldn't buy him. He was melted when The Salvation Army store burned to the ground.

I thought he might be one of a pair of bookends.

I wrote about him in a letter to the editor that was published in the Imperial Valley Press on Aug. 16.

The chances of finding another like him must have been zillions to one. But on Aug. 20, I received a phone call from Myrna Oldham, who lives in the same trailer court where I lived when I first came to El Centro in 1967.

She had recognized my "thinking ape" statuette — and had its duplicate. I could have it if I would send someone to pick it up! Would I ever! How can I thank her enough!


El Centro

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