Probe: September 6, 2001

September 06, 2001

QUESTION — Now that Imperial Avenue has been redone, when will the city of El Centro fix Pico Avenue? They tore it up years ago and still haven't fixed it. Now that school has started kids walk along the street and the cars have to drive in the opposite lane to avoid hitting them, and the bumps are ruining my car alignment.— Shot Shocks, via email

Ken Skillman, the city's engineer, promised Pico west of Imperial Avenue will be fixed soon. Pico Avenue east of Imperial Avenue should be fixed in six to nine months.

A new road design, which will include curbs, gutters, sidewalks and a way to channel storm water, is in the works.

Skillman explained that the northern part of the city was annexed from the county about six years ago, and Pico is still essentially a county road, with none of the curbs and other accouterments found in the city proper. Drainage is an issue when it rains, and city officials are well aware of that, he said. City workers are working to bring Pico up to par with the rest of the city streets. City sewer and water lines have already been added along that route.


We avoid it, because we just had our shocks replaced.

REQUESTS — On Sunday, Sept. 21, 1901, the first church service was held in the Imperial Valley. On Saturday, Sept. 29, 2001, we're planning an old-fashioned ice cream social to celebrate. One problem: We want hand-cranked ice cream freezers to make the ice cream. Does anyone still have one they could loan us?

Our other need is a small pump organ, like the one used that day.

We hope these items could be a loaned to First Christian Church in El Centro. If you have one of the above items, please call the church at 352-8300. — Music Lady, El Centro

PROBE readers are good at coming up with things, even obscure things, and even better about being generous with those things. And this is certainly an occasion worth commemorating. While these requests may be a bit of a reach, particularly the freezers, we are hopeful there is someone out there who can help. Call the church if you can provide assistance.

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