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Voice: Democrats were right about tax refunds

September 10, 2001

I would like to correct my friend and fellow El Centran Guy Manning.

First, Democrats never said that there shouldn't be a tax cut. The question was how big and more importantly how it was structured. The tax cut that passed was catered too heavily to the top 1 or 2 percent.

Bush hailed this tax cut as a jump-start to the economy; well catering to the top will not help. Republicans keep forgetting that the engine that runs this economy is the consumer. Who do you think is keeping us out of a full-blown recession right now?

Two-thirds of the economy is the consumer. That is why we track consumer confidence. Consumer confidence is just the egghead way to say "us buying stuff."


That's why structuring the tax cut so that the lion's share of it went to the 98 percent of us who will spend it would have made more sense. What you have to understand is the rich are going to get theirs, because they own the businesses we buy from. So not giving them a whole lot of tax relief doesn't mean much to them. They get theirs on the back end anyway.

So what Democrats (unlike Bush) are saying is you don't have to worry about the rich, they will get theirs no matter what, skew tax relief to the bottom!

As for Democrats being money-hungry, the rebates that we are getting were actually first proposed by a Democrat.

And last, for the "doom and gloom" propaganda, it's not propaganda if what you say is the truth. Democrats kept saying that the huge surpluses might not materialize. They were right. Bush projected surpluses of $270 billion. It was $165 billion, most of which is Social Security's.

They said Bush's projections were too rosy. They were right. Bush projected growth of about 3 percent. It was barely 1 percent.

Democrats said that the military wasn't in as bad of shape as Bush said. They were right. The tentative budget Republicans submitted for the military isn't much different than Clinton's.

The so-called "help is on the way" speech was a fraud, like Democrats said. The Bush administration is going to end up closing more bases, cutting aircraft, aircraft carriers, personnel and many of the new weapons systems that were in the pipeline to make room for a missile defense system that doesn't work and won't protect anyone.

Democrats also said because of this top heavy tax cut, Bush would have break another campaign promise and dip into the Social Security surplus to meet his budget priorities (mainly education and defense). They were right.

The Congressional Budget Office (a non-partisan entity) has said that he will. So if the new definition of propaganda is truth-telling, I guess that is what Democrats are doing.

These are just a few corrections and a little more information for my friend Guy.


El Centro

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