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Voice: America is forever changed

September 12, 2001

An act of terrorism once again, but why is it so different? Because this time it's on U.S. soil. This one hits home. Why? Because thousands of people, innocent people, met their maker in a split second.

Is this life? Is this the way we want to live? I hope we can all get used to seeing fighter jets fly overhead and battleships off our coast because this is reality. This is our world. We make it the way we want it.

Could this have been stopped? Maybe and I wish, but it will not it won't because there are still people out there who hate people and who are like these cowards who hit our country.

I say one thing to the people who did this. You will be found and justice will be harsh and fast.


I call upon all Valley residents to help and go to the blood drives set up in the Valley and donate your blood. Maybe someone can live from your gift. We have learned one thing from this act it is America will be changed forever. This day will always be remembered as Sept. 11, "America Under Attack."

May the Lord bless us all.



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