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PROBE: Sept. 12, 2001

September 12, 2001

QUESTION: My friend Utah Watson is so nice he will not ask for help, but he could use some. When he was a child, Utah had polio. It left him with a limp but he managed to make a living and raise a family. About three years ago he retired after working 40 years for the Holtville Unified School District.

After his retirement, Utah's ankle collapsed so he was walking on the side of his foot. Finally he was walking on crutches. His doctor referred him to a prosthetist in El Centro to make a brace.

Utah brought in a pair of shoes to be fitted with the brace. The work was charged to Medicare. Utah's share of the cost was the pair of shoes and $112.50. When he went in for the fitting, the brace was fine. However, the prosthetist said he wanted to lift the shoe about a quarter of an inch.


When Utah called the office to see when to pick up the brace, he reached a ringing phone that went unanswered. Finally he went to the office and found it was closed.

Do you think you could find the prosthetist? I know the brace is finished. The prosthetist has no need for the brace or Utah's shoe. The $600 appliance that Utah needs to throw away his crutches is probably packed away in a box somewhere and it's paid for. Help! — Utah's Buddy, Holtville

We found a lot of people who knew P. Douglas Osborne but we found nobody who knew where he had gone or how to reach him.

We think we found him in Pasadena. We left a message asking him to call us. If he does, we'll try to sweet talk him out of Utah's brace and his shoes.

In the meantime, PROBE readers, if you know how to reach Osborne, tell us so we can wrest the brace and shoes from him.

BIG 85 FOR SEELEY CHURCH — The Seeley Community Church will celebrate its 85th anniversary Oct. 20 and 21. We are looking for old pictures or newspaper clippings that any past members may have. We would like to copy the clips for our scrapbook we are preparing for the celebration. We will return them to the owners.

If any of your readers have history they would like to share, we would love to have it. Any information or scrapbook items may be sent to our anniversary committee, P.O. Box 808, Seeley, CA 92273, or call 352-4280. If we are not there, leave a message on the answering machine. We check it every day. — Church Goer, Imperial

Thank you.

COMPUTERS FOR LITTLE GEEKS — I am with the CalEnergy Co. and we have some computers to give to the Methodist pre-school in El Centro that needed computers so its tots could play learning games. We just upgraded and we have several to give away. — Good Samaritan, Calipatria

OK, give CalEnergy a call for the computers.

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