Our Opinion: Pulling together

September 12, 2001

Most of us react viscerally when we see horrific events. We gasp, we cry, we hurt. We are human.

Then we get angry. We rage, we vow, we plan. We are human.

These are hard times for America. Most of us have never experienced our country being so violated. Most of us weren't around for Pearl Harbor. The last large-scale violent attack against us came from within, from our own people. That one, in Oklahoma City, hurt our nation deeply, saddened us. We couldn't believe one of us would do this to us.

This one comes from outside, at least from all indications. That makes us angry.

That someone would orchestrate attacks that would kill thousands of our people, innocent people, along with many of his own, shows how sick and twisted the architect of this horror is. We have ideas about who it is, but we should not act until we know for certain. Then we should act with all available force until the world is rid of such a monster.


Until then we must work together in our nation to recover. We must get blood and supplies where needed. We can help with those drives in Imperial County. We may have to endure inconveniences such as long lines, shortages of supplies and higher prices for some time to come, and we should do so with national spirit in mind. Such is life in harrowing times.

As a multi-ethnic community, we in the Imperial Valley know better than most that you can't judge people on the color of their skin, their ethnicity or their nation of origin. There are good people of every color, hue and religion. We implore people and the good people of the Valley to not single out others for harassment for surface reasons.

We have reasons to be angry and vengeful, but we must direct that energy in the right direction. And we must do it as a united nation pulling together, not one tearing at each other from inside.

Coming together in such a way is one big way we in the Imperial Valley can help our nation get through this unthinkable crisis.

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