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Voice: Imperial Valleyites need to show their patriotism

September 13, 2001

Where is our patriotism and solidarity in our community? In the aftermath of Tuesday's terrorist attack on our country, I was left wondering what I could possibly do to help from so far away. There appeared to be little except to donate blood, send money to the Red Cross, say a prayer or fly our nation's flag.

My flag went up at 8 a.m. in some small attempt to offset the grief and horror that was unfolding before me and the rest of the country; and to make the statement that I am proud to live in this country.

I expected to see flags flying from every home by day's end. This, however, was not the case. I counted a total of only four other flags in my subdivision of over 400 homes!

There should not be a single flag left for sale in any store in this valley. If people cannot buy one, then draw one or make one and place it in your window, on your front door, on your lawn or on your car.


While flying our nation's flag may seem futile amidst this horror, it makes a strong declaration that we stand united and undaunted by this horror. It will express our sorrow and grief and our support for every person touched by this tragedy.

Let's come together, Imperial Valley, and show that we are indeed proud to be Americans!



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