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Voice: Palestinian problem must be solved or terrorism will continue

September 14, 2001

About three years ago my niece, who is married to an African, was on her way to our embassy in Tanzania to have more pages put into her passport. Her cab was about six blocks from the embassy when it exploded.

I don't like terrorism but I am open-minded enough to understand what is going on. Why do we have terrorism? In 1947, Harry Truman recognized Israel diplomatically and in the stroke of a pen gave away something that was not his to give.

In essence he took Palestine from the Palestinians and gave it to the Jews fleeing Europe, thus displacing hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. They were placed in concentration camps (just like our Indians) with no means to make a living.

The Jews perpetrated every injustice on the Palestinians that Hitler perpetrated on the Jews, from torture to death. For 33 years the Palestinians have been trying to get our attention by hijacking planes but their side of the story is never told in the U.S. because the media is controlled by American Jews who are naturally biased toward Israel.


Not many Americans even know the Palestinians were robbed of their home. If you are a Jew in any part of the world you can go to Israel (Palestine) and claim it to be your home, but a Palestinian born in Palestine (Israel) and forced to leave his homeland cannot return to his homeland.

U.S. taxpayers shell out $25 million per year in bribes to Jordan, Syria, Israel and Egypt to not fight each other over the Palestinian issue. It would have been wiser if Truman had given away Florida or Hawaii or California, since they actually belonged to us.

The Palestinians have given us another message to stop ignoring their problem and for us to stop wholeheartedly supporting Israel. This will not be the last message they send to us if we do not acknowledge this message.

There was a conference in South Africa on racism and the Palestinians had a message to deliver to the world. They claim the Israelis treat them like second-class citizens. The Israeli and U.S. delegations walked out rather than hear the Palestinian accusations and this plane catastrophe is undoubtedly the direct result.

This problem is not going away. It must be solved. I can only guess what to do. Maybe give the Palestinians Florida or the equivalent or send U.S. troops to occupy Israel (Palestine) and draw a line and make Jews live on one side and Palestinians on the other.

What a pity our media did not tell us the real meaning of the message before all of this carnage. There can be a high cost to having a controlled media.

We must look at this with impartiality even in the light of mass slaughter, because it is our fault.

We must force our Congress to do what is right and fair and stop accepting any more money from pro-Israeli lobbyists. Our politicians got us into this mess so we must force them to solve it.

When George Washington gave his farewell address he warned us to keep out of foreign entanglements, which has largely been ignored for the last 100 years. We have paid the price in two world wars as well as the Korean and Vietnam wars, with no benefit to our citizens (World War II benefited the communists, not us. They got Eastern Europe. We got the bill).

You should write your senators and congressmen and urge them to solve the Palestinian problem, or we will never see the end of terrorism.


El Centro

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