Get E.C. students Homework Help' on the Internet


September 14, 2001|By KELLY GRANT, Staff Writer

As students settle into the new school year, a new Web service is online to help students and adults gather information for reports and presentations.

Funded and supported by Valley Independent Bank, the El Centro Teachers Association has recently begun providing a Homework Help Web service for students and teachers throughout the Imperial Valley.

This site is committed to the concept that students in the Imperial Valley should no longer be victims of the geographical or digital divides.

"Americans today have access in their living rooms to the finest resources in the world," said Thomas Henderson, the site's Webmaster.


Unfortunately, those resources may needlessly go to waste, Henderson said.

"Most people don't know how to use the Internet properly to gather information," Henderson said. "Ten thousand search results are as useful as none."

Imperial Valley students from kindergarten to San Diego State University in Calexico will have access to the same variety of research sources that can be found in a large city. Help for all levels can be quickly found at

By clicking on the Homework Help section, students will be directed to a number of different links. With its listing of multiple search engines, the site provides rapid access to a number of different methods of providing information.

There is a page dedicated to Web sites created and run by librarians,, where students can interact online with a librarian or submit topics to librarians for research assistance.

Another page provides ‘Kid Safe Search Engines',, for use by younger elementary students. The sites listed as "Kid Safe" are commercial sites and are designed with children's special needs in mind, Henderson said.

For middle school and high school students, answers can be found at

By providing these Web pages, the ECETA feels it is not only helping students but their parents as well. Because many parents are unfamiliar or inexperienced in the academic uses of the Internet, they may need assistance in helping their children access appropriate sites.

The site also includes warnings advising parents to supervise their children when using the Internet. It's advice Henderson hopes parents will take.

While Henderson said the site isn't fancy in design, he thinks it will help kids tremendously.

"The sites are huge," Henderson said. "They provide quality searches."

Staff Writer Kelly Grant can be reached at 337-3441.

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