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Voice: Schwarz is the worst kind of American

September 14, 2001

Don Schwarz: Who are you? You are quite possibly the most inflammatory "flamer" I have ever run across. I have read with great disdain your continual diatribes that appear in this newspaper. Even in these days of national grief you lash out with your unparalleled venom that most people totally disagree with.

Have you no shame? Your most recent comments regarding Streisand and Baldwin and Hollywood being happy with the terrorist attacks during President Bush's watch were so despicable that I could no longer remain silent.

You are a cowardly, grotesque member of our society. You are totally lacking in human decency.

I served 22 years in the U.S. Navy and as part of the oath of allegiance was to "Fight all enemies, foreign or domestic."

You, sir, are the most dangerous of the latter! Your brand of poison is deadly to the United States of America. God help this great nation if your way of thinking spreads across it.


My condolences to Stoughton, Mass., for having such a miscreant among their population as Mr. Don Schwarz.


El Centro

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