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Voice: Let's not turn on us

September 16, 2001

I received an email from my new daughter-in-law about her recent acceptance of another four years in the Navy. I'm proud of her and my son for doing their duty as Americans. The strange part was I had warned her about terrorism abroad and ways to try to protect herself, my son and grandchild. Two hours later the U.S. was attacked.

I don't often believe in superstition. I do, however, believe in God and Christ as my savior, my guide and my life ethic.

I have had a bad month. Two good friends of mine have been stricken with cancer, My country will go to war against an enemy that has no boundaries to be trapped in. My son and daughter will be thrown into that war.

I've decided to pray, pray for forgiveness for the hatred that started to permeate my heart, pray for those who have been lost and the ones to come, pray for the salvation of my country, my loved ones and the world.


I hope that those who harbor hatred won't direct it against those who have done nothing but try to be good Americans. We have a history of condemning those who reside in our country as an enemy because they come from a currently hostile country. Open your hearts and your minds and reserve your anger for those abroad who call us infidels.

Your Arab neighbor is not the enemy, nor the Jew, the Hispanic, the Italian or any other nationality. We are all equals. Let's live that way.

God bless America, the world and equal justice for all.



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