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Voice: Not only terrorists taking away our freedoms

September 16, 2001

This country celebrated its 225th anniversary on July 4th and Mexico we'll be celebrating its independence on Sept., 16. In the wake of the terrorist attacks perhaps we, as citizens of these countries, should reflect and contemplate by trying to understand what this truly signifies for each person.

Our forefathers put a lot of time and effort to establish the Constitution so the citizens of this country could have freedom and laws. Yet we find ourselves in a society of lawbreakers, of individuals without core values and morals who find it easy to take advantage of the little power that has been given to them by committing unlawful acts.

What's more unjust is when a person gets their rights and freedom taken away from them by unscrupulous individuals. These unscrupulous individuals are known better than the terrorists who have committed these atrocious acts against this nation and its citizens.

Freedom and the rights of others mean little to these types of individuals who go around trying to destroy a person's life.


Their isn't any difference of how it is accomplished, whether by their own cowardly acts or by someone else's cowardly act!

What are we willing to do to expose these individuals? What price are we willing to pay to maintain our freedom and our rights?

Perhaps by praying and reflecting on pleasant things in our lives instead of hatred, we will be able to get through all this repulsiveness in our country.

"How precious is the way we live

How precious is our life

How precious is our freedom,

to hold our flag up high!"



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