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Voice: Not the time for partisanship

September 16, 2001

In answer to Bernadette Guillory letter to "Voice of the People" on Thursday:

After reading your letter I can not believe how misinformed you are. This attack on the United States was an attack on our way of life and has absolutely nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans. If you read and listen to the news, this has been planned for a long time. When you say the Republicans have taken money from defense, for the answer to this is look to the past Clinton administration (eight years) where the military had to fight for any funds.

I watched the memorial service at the Washington cathedral just before writing this letter and saw President Bush, all past presidents that were able, members of the government, heads of all churches. At this memorial service were all races and religions to mourn the deaths of so many people. This left me with a feeling that finally our government has met in a bipartisan unity that we have not seen for a long time.


I agree with you that everyone should vote. But after the votes are tallied we should accept the will of the people and support the government, not try to find fault with our leaders. This is the American way.

Your letter is the first partisan word I have seen or heard since the terrorist attack. Forget your partisanship and join the unity with the rest of the Americans and support our government in the fight against terrorism.

I keep hearing that this attack will change our way of life. This is hogwash. I remember the second world war, terrorist attacks on our embassies throughout the world, bombing of airliners and hurricanes. None of these has changed our way of life except to make us a stronger and more united nation.



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