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Voice: Anti-Semitic letter full of inaccuracy, hate, bad timing

September 16, 2001

Mr. Carrico, your letter in the Press used the excuse of the tragedies befallen on America as a pretext for your virulent anti-Semitism.

Just a few sentences in your diatribe demonstrate that your hatred toward Jews overcomes well-known facts. In 1948, not 1947, the United States was just one in a majority of nations who voted on the Balfour Declaration returning the Jews to their historically recognized homeland.

Palestinians were never placed in concentration camps. They deserted Israel on the advise of the grand mufti of Jerusalem, who did not want them harmed in his plan to completely annihilate all Jews in Israel.

The Palestinians ended up all over the Middle East, where as of today they are living in filthy conditions. Their so-called brothers of the Arab world still, after 50 years, have not granted citizenship to any Palestinian born in these countries.


Israeli Arabs enjoy every civil liberty, with the exemption of serving in the army. In case you were not aware, Israel is the only democracy among all the dictators, kings and ruling royalty in the Middle East.

Mr. Carrico, how can you be so anti-Semitic as to compare the treatment of Arabs in Israel to the demonic mass murders in Nazi gas chambers? What we saw before our eyes on Tuesday morning was mass incineration by anti-American Islamic fanatics.

Your conclusion that this tragedy is a direct result of the racism conference in Africa is an insult to intelligence of anyone who reads or listens to the news. It is a known fact this horrific terrorist act could not have been planned in the week since the conference ended.

You say the press is being controlled by Jews. This is plain stupid. Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch owners of the London Times, The Post, CNN, Time-Warner and many, many other publications and media sources are independent, including the owners of this newspaper, none of whom are Jews. You are repeating the tired, worn-out lies of neo-Nazi racist hate-mongers.

As a proud Israeli-American Jew, I encourage everyone who enjoys the freedom and democracy of this great country to back our leaders in fighting terrorism until it is demolished. Americans need not fear these masked cowards. Let us stand together as one. Now is a time for cohesion and not hateful divisiveness. All people of all faiths and colors should come together with one goal in mind — "peace."

Noel, someone as racist and xenophobic as you can not be taught by reason. This is merely an attempt to correct some of your twisted distortions of fact.

God bless America.



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