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Voice: Better places to find stem cells than human embryos

September 18, 2001

In response to Gerald Plessner's column in the Sept. 7 issue, there are alternatives to killing human embryos to get stem cells.

Stem cells are available in human placentas and umbilical-cord blood, supply unlimited. They are also in human adult fat cells, supply unlimited also. This is a fact, not religious ideology.

In my opinion, Mr. Plessner is insulting to every pro-life person. I do not "feel betrayed by my religious leaders, who should have led them to a broader point of view, etc." I appreciate what they have said and feel they should be saying it even more bluntly.

Yes, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's are devastating. Many of us have relatives with one or the other, or something just as bad. Do we have to kill tiny humans to reach a cure? Heaven forbid!


Each and every one of us began as an embryo, with our own DNA from the earliest moment of conception, not to change until we die. Aren't you glad you weren't used in an experiment?

Furthermore, I wouldn't depend on government funding guaranteeing ethical experiments and am adamantly against our hard-earned money going to such repugnant experiments.



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