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Our Opinion: Necessary inconveniences

September 18, 2001

In the wake of the terrorist attacks on the East Coast, the world has become a different place. It has to be. We have to stay alert to protect ourselves from those who have the power to take so many lives.

Here in the Imperial Valley we have seen a local effect from the tragic events of Sept. 11 — a sign of how close the nation truly is despite the miles that may divide the coasts.

One such effect plays out daily at the local ports of entry. Since the attacks there have been long lines to cross into the United States and long lines to cross into Mexico. The Mexican government, in a united front with the United States, is checking vehicles going into Mexico. That is meant both to protect Mexico and to help prevent anyone with ties to the attacks from escaping the country.

It is right for Mexico to take such a step, even if it means waits to cross the border. We urge all people attempting to cross the border to show patience. It is a necessary inconvenience; one that could ultimately save lives.


What it means is people have to be careful when driving down Calexico's Imperial Avenue leading to the downtown Port of Entry. People also must show patience with their fellow motorists.

Most people have been showing patience and caution.

The people of the Imperial Valley deserve a lot of credit for the way they have come together and showed we are a united community. People here understand the sacrifices that must follow such a devastating attack and are doing their best to support the government, each other, their cities and their neighborhoods.

If the terrorists wanted to break our spirits, they did not. If they wanted to divide us, they failed to do that, too.

That's not to say they failed in everything they wanted to accomplish. They wanted to kill a lot of innocent people, and they did just that. They wanted to shock the United States, and they did that. They wanted to hurt the United States, and they did that, too.

Now it is our turn, and if America is to answer the challenge, we have to remain united. If we have to put up with inconveniences at airports, we will do that. If we have to live with inconveniences at the ports, we will. If we have to sacrifice, we will to that, too. But we have to continue to stick together.

We have done so since Tuesday, and we must continue.

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