Border wait still 2 to 3 hours during rush hour

September 18, 2001|By AARON CLAVERIE, Staff Writer

MEXICALI — Motorists crossing the border into this city can expect two- to three-hour waits during rush hours as Mexicali's inspection units continue to inspect each and every vehicle.

The stricter regulations have been in place since last week's attacks and a delegate with Mexico's Immigration and Nationalization Institute said there is no telling when the regulations will be lifted.

The delegate, Jorge Barroso Espinal, said there are about eight to 10 inspectors working the Mexicali border crossing.

He said they have the responsibility to check every vehicle for weapons, contraband and ammunition.

Around 4 p.m. Monday the inspectors were stopping cars and checking trunks as hundreds of idling motorists waited patiently for their turn.

One of the lanes was closed to traffic and cars had to funnel into the remaining checkpoints.

Barroso said there have been no incidents at the border because people are upset about the wait.

He said everything has been calm and people understand the need for extra security.


Before Mexican officials started to inspect every vehicle, an average wait to cross the border was three to five minutes.

For those crossing on foot the wait at the border is not much longer than usual.

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