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Voice: Clinton, other Democratic actions led to attacks

September 20, 2001

To Bernadette N. Guillory, who wrote, "This national emergency, I feel, would not have happened under a Democratic president": This person must live in another world or this person has a very bad memory.

I remember Clinton bombing week after week in Yugoslavia, then he gave Afghanistan a bombing and said he was bombing a strategic target. It turned out it was to cover for his activities with his sex slave Lewinsky. How happy do you think he made these people?

Clinton eliminated more than half of our defenses. It will take years to repair the damage.

Ms. Guillory would have loved Roosevelt. He told the admiral in San Diego to take the fleet to Pearl Harbor. He refused, so he canned him and had another admiral take it. You know the rest of the story.

Then he had two communist spies in his cabinet, Harry Dexter White and Alger Hiss. He said they were OK, then he gave Joe Stalin all the Iron Curtain countries. How many hundreds of thousands died there because Uncle Joe was a demon like Clinton.


Then there was Harry Truman. He fired McArthur because he wanted to go across the Yula River and bomb the Chinese who were coming across and killing American troops. There never would have been a Vietnam if McArthur would have been in charge.

Now we have China raising up as a power thanks to the traitor Bill Clinton.

We have a Democratic power that backs everything that is against God. Abortion, homos, porn, you name it. That is probably one of the reasons God has let us have some of our rottenness back. When the Jews went against God, he let their enemies have them in the Old Testament. What's next?

I sure feel a lot safer under a Democratic administration. They act like the anti-Christ.

Yours in Christ,



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