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Voice: Drill in Alaska

turn off Peter Jennings

September 20, 2001

This attack on the U.S. has failed to tear us apart. It has brought us together more than these cowards are going to believe.

A friend of mine was in the U.S. Marine Corps stationed in Kuwait. He said walking the streets of Kuwait, he and other Americans were cussed at and dirty gestures made to them!

This was after we had went over there and liberated Kuwait from Saddam Hussien. Arabs hate Westerners and nothing will change that. I write this because we need to, as Americans, start taking care of our own energy needs. We have been held hostage by the environmental movement.

This country has been stalled at every turn trying to drill for more oil. The caribou in Alaska have enough sense to move out of the way where drilling would be going on.


If we don't drill for oil we may have to eat that caribou if the Arabs raise oil prices much more. So, for those of you who think giving money to the Sierra Club and other environmental organizations is the thing to do, think again. We will never have a perfect world but the eco-nuts will try — no matter what the cost.

We can do without Arab oil. Let them pound sand.

One last thought — Peter Jennings of ABC News is an idiot. He insinuated that President Bush was scared to come back to Washington, D.C., after the attack. Bush was advised by the Secret Service to stay away until they could guarantee his safety. Peter's socialist leanings are too obvious. Turn to the FOX news channel for the best news coverage.



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