Voice: Why so much money to build downtown E.C. ‘that'?

September 21, 2001

I'd like to comment on my behalf as well as many of my friends and co-workers about the "project" on Main Street in El Centro. I'm not sure what to call it. You know the place, with the grass, the fountain, the big cement ball, the neon lights, and a display sign with computerized changing messages.

First of all I think it's aesthetically offensive. The word "gaudy" comes to mind. My friends and I would like to know how this project is suppose to serve the people of El Centro.

I see our young people roaming aimlessly around town on foot, on bikes, skateboards and cars with little to do but "hang out" or go to the movies.

When kids have nothing to do they often end up in trouble. Just check out our always-overflowing juvenile hall.

Wouldn't a bowling alley, roller rink, arcade, etc. have been a better use of those funds?


I think our city needs to re-evaluate their priorities, because I fear that park, mall or whatever it is will only serve to attract the homeless, restless teens, drug users, abusers, and pushers, etc.

I'm upset every time I drive down Main knowing some of my tax dollars helped built "that."


El Centro

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