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Voice: Diamond lanes are carpool lanes, not bike lanes

September 21, 2001

I would like to share with you

Something sadly true, that made us all feel blue.

9-11-2001 was the date,

When most of our hearts were filled with hate.

Many, many people died that day,

Which encouraged many more to bow and pray.

People cried because their loved ones died.

Some rescue workers tried

to bring back some of their lives.

But some of them failed,


and the living wailed.

I'm sorry for the millions more,

Whose hearts are sore

because lives were torn.

Will we always mourn?

Four days later the sky dropped tears,

Of all the families feeling fear.


Age 14

El Centro

Please notify your readers, especially Jim V. Corriere, that there are no diamond markings on bicycle lanes. When you see diamond markings on any public road or highway they are designated as carpool lanes.

You should never ride your bicycle on any lane marked with diamonds unless you want to get run over.

I copied this from the "2001 California Driver Handbook":

"Some freeways may have a special lane for buses only or buses and carpools. This lane is also marked by the diamond symbol. Unless otherwise posted, motorcycle riders may use designated carpool lanes."



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