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Voice: Susie's needs to deal with

September 21, 2001

customers better

I agree with the woman who wrote about in Susie's Deals, that they chat with each other and turn their backs on the customer and take a long time ringing up the items.

I think that's so rude! A week ago I went to the store to buy my year-old niece a dress and I saw a pretty dress that I wanted for her. I asked a young lady if she could bring it down for me and she said hold on a second and she was chatting with her friend. Five minutes passed and I asked her again and she said "I told you to hold on. Can't you see that I'm chatting with someone."

I felt like telling her something but I kept it to myself. Then she gave me the dress in a bad way.


When I finished getting the stuff I needed, I went to another cashier and she kept turning her back on me and kept chatting with her friend about her boyfriend running naked in Glamis when he was drunk.

I was so mad because she kept taking a long time just ringing up five things.

So those people who work in El Centro Susie's Deals better get their act together.



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