Voice: Don't turn on

September 21, 2001

your fellow Americans

In wake of the recent events regarding the World Trade Center, Pentagon and United Flight 93, I am as outraged as the next American is and like most Americans want revenge no matter what the cost. I am writing to voice my growing concern for those who live and work among us.

American citizens who because of their religious beliefs, the name they may have or the way they choose to dress have now become suspect.

These people who are as outraged as the rest of us must now worry that some ignorant vigilante will come along and harm them or their families.


Let us all remember not every man wearing a turban or named Muhammad is the enemy. We didn't have open season on Caucasians when Timothy McVeigh blew up the federal building. Let us remember this in the days and months to come.

Let us not harm innocent American citizens. Let us get revenge on those who did this to our country but let the government decide who that is.

Let us not tear our country apart from within, causing more pain, grief and suffering for innocent American citizens.


El Centro

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