Voice: Local stores managers should get rid of ill-behaved customers

September 21, 2001

Bless you Viola Wardlow. I don't know who you are, but I applaud your bravery in saying what I have been too hesitant to say for the past 12 years concerning the deplorable behavior of the people who shop in our stores.

Trust me, Labor Day at Wal-Mart was no better, nor will it be any better any time in the near future. My first awakening to how dreadfully behaved people are here came my first Christmas shopping in Mervyn's. Two children were opening tubes of lip gloss and other stocking stuffers and smashing them while their parents wandered around looking for gifts. When I said something to one of the clerks, she replied we can't do anything about it. That has been the response from clerks in the grocery stores, Wal-Mart, KMart, and JCPenny.

The customers in the Imperial Valley at these stores act like relatives of Attila the Hun. Fortunately our smaller, locally owned stores don't seem to have this problem. They seem to have the ability to tell badly behaved people to leave.


People in Yuma do not behave like this, nor did they in places I have previously lived.

We often complain of the lack of quality merchandise in these stores. Why would they offer something of quality only to see it trashed? Managers of these stores, wake up! Get rid of your badly behaved customers.

Hire more people to watch what is going on in your stores. You must be losing thousands of dollars in unsellable merchandise each month. Your poor clerks are doing the best they can, but they need more help to cope with the mess in your stores.

I do not like having to leave the Valley to shop elsewhere, but the quiet and cleanliness of the San Diego stores is worth my time and gasoline. I know over there I am not going to have to be knocked over by a child running wildly through the aisles of a store nor have to pick up things from the floor just to make my way down the isle.

Many of us are tired of Wal-Mart rage and would appreciate a better run, cleaner store.

Thank you again, Viola Wardlow, for your courageous statement in the paper.



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