Voice: Schwarz is a ‘Republicant'

September 22, 2001

I noted the two letters recently in the Imperial Valley Press concerning the right-wing propaganda from an alleged icon listed as Schwarz. One individual asked who he is and the other more or less what he is.

Well, my thought is "does he exist or is he just another computer slurping out propaganda over the Internet or fax numbers?" I am writing this letter on the assumption that Mr. Schwarz is a real "live one."

I know Mr. Schwarz and others like him through his letters to this newspaper. By their words, you shall know them, to paraphrase the Good Book. Schwarz is a "can't." What is a "can't?" A "can't" is a man who:

1. Can't tolerate different religious views.

2. Can't tolerate different views including women's rights.

3. Can't tolerate the concept of one man/woman one vote.

4. Can't tolerate equitable taxes.

5. Can't tolerate liberals.

6. Can't tolerate views on abortion or sexual preference.


7. Can't tolerate the personal rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the republic.

There are many like him in the USA and many of these Republicans are in Congress. Some of them believe they are Republicans and others are Republicans in Democratic clothing.

I call on my friends of the Democratic Party to call Schwarz and his friend by their accurate name, Republicants and Americans all. Old Schwarz certainly is a Republicant. So I ask my fellow members of the Democratic Party to begin calling these Americans by their proper label; namely, Republicants.

So turn yourself off your Boston computer. Do something new. Begin thinking and writing for yourself or reprogram yourself. Better yet, crash.

God bless the united republic.


El Centro

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