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Voice: Letter-writer goes too far in comparing Democrats to the Antichrist

September 25, 2001

We are at war, people; this is not the time for racial bickering, name-calling and ego-tripping.

The comment about Democrats being compared to "the Antichrist!" That was too much! And who gives any reader the right to say who should or should not write in to this paper?

An opinion is just that — an opinion. Proofread your responses before e-mailing them because your children are reading them!

Ignorance is shown by people who do not research before they speak; speaking from emotion is not wise.

The newspaper is not the only source of information — it is an opinion also.

Emotion and tension are high at this time; it's wise to have an open forum but with respect. People are bonding, not tearing each other down. This war will go on long enough for all our opinions to change by the end.



(University of California, Santa Barbara freshman)

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