Voice: MAPA goals clarified

September 26, 2001

To clarify misunderstandings about our association, we feel obliged to respond to letters published in this section of the Imperial Valley Press.

The Mexican American Political Association was founded in Fresno in 1960. MAPA is dedicated to the constitutional and democratic principle of political freedom and representation for the Mexican American people of the United States of America.

The goals and objectives of MAPA are:

1. To create political power through the education and participation of the Mexican American in the art of politics.

2. To mobilize political power in amending or replacing those laws and regulations that hinder our full participation in the political process and enforcing those laws that enhance that participation.

3. To assist the Mexican American community in all areas of concern, including, but not limited to, immigration, education, health, housing, police, agriculture, economic development, nurturing and development of "la familia."


MAPA cordially invites you to attend our monthly meetings. For further information contact Jessie Loera at 352-4197.


MAPA Imperial Valley chapter president

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