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Voice: Teachers left out in aligning of school calendars in Brawley

September 26, 2001

On Sept. 12, Ms. Karen Howard presented to the Brawley Union High School Board of Trustees a petition of 196 names congratulating the board on their aligning the school calendars of Brawley Union High School with the Brawley Elementary School District. I wonder how many of those 196 people who signed that petition would have done so had they known that by adopting this calendar, the trustees demonstrated a total lack of respect for the BUHS teachers and the contract they signed with them.

As we have seen in the recent negotiations between the El Centro elementary teachers and their district, it is sometimes very difficult to gain an agreement that both sides can live with. When it finally happens, it is assumed that both sides will be honor bound to uphold those agreements. This is not the case with the BUHS board. They have decided that signed agreements reached with the teachers really are not important if they interfere with their own personal agendas.


The Brawley Union High School Teachers' Association is very much in favor of an aligned calendar with the elementary school district. To achieve this it takes the input of four parties, i.e., the Brawley Union High School District, the Brawley Elementary School District, and the two teachers organizations for these districts. This should not be accomplished through deception or dishonesty with the teachers.

As it now stands the BUHSD Board of Trustees, whose lofty goals are to instill honesty, honor and integrity to the students, are not themselves demonstrating those attributes. It is time they did.



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