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Brawley receives $1.96 million grant for expansion of wastewater plant

September 27, 2001

BRAWLEY — The city of Brawley was awarded Monday a grant of $1.96 million for its wastewater-treatment plant expansion.

According to a press release from the Office of the Governor, Gov. Gray Davis approved the low-cost state financing grant from the California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank.

The CIEDB grant will provide assistance to the city of Brawley to upgrade its wastewater plant and install a sewer line extending services to the proposed San Diego State University, Brawley campus, the new U.S. Border Patrol ventures and the new beef-processing plant.

"California's border cities face unique challenges as they continue to develop clean, safe and productive communities," said Davis.

"Today's financing by the CIEDB is a model project that will enable the city of Brawley to add necessary capacity to its wastewater system, address critical environmental quality issues and increase employment opportunities for local residents," he added.


The total cost of the upgrade is $9.3 million. The CIEDB, North American Development Bank, the U.S. Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration and the city are providing funds for the project.

Said Mayor Wayne Johnson: "The wastewater-treatment plant expansion project will allow us to diversity our employer base, provide affordable housing to our community and improve our city's economy by attracting new business to Brawley."

The project will include upgrading the plant's capacity of 3.9 million gallons per day to 6 million gallons per day, which will meet the city's needs until 2007, according to the press release.

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