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Voice: Restoring the God of Love and Mercy

September 27, 2001

In the beginning God created mankind in His own image. Since then, mankind has created god in its own worst image.

Creating such a god in their own image, some people have suggested that the recent terrorism is God's judgment on the United States.

These so-called fundamentalists profess a God of vengeance who sends evil to punish even the innocent for supposed sins of a nation. The "Great Satan" is punished by a sinister attack that kills thousands and works a calamity in the lives of thousands — even millions — more.

Alas for our nation, these are not foreign fundamentalists from an unpronounceable place. These are our own brothers and sisters who see the treachery of terrorists as God's judgment on America because of abortion and other "abominations against God." In ultimate effect, these people have accepted the most spiteful propaganda that Bin Laden and his ilk could spew.


They basically agree with the terrorists that our nation is the Great Satan that deserved the death and destruction Bin Laden plotted. In their theology God was not the co-pilot but rather the pilot of the planes that delivered death and destruction on us.

The One True God, King of All the Universe forgives their blasphemy and we can excuse the comfort their words must give our enemies, but we cannot let their virulence go unchallenged. These pious judges are fundamentally wrong about the God they claim. The God they claim is the God of Love and Mercy though they cannot see His face because they seek their own image.

He is not a God who works His will through the hands of evil men. Evil men made the murderous choice of their own God-given free will. The murderers were not the instruments of God nor their evil works the handiwork of God. The terrorists were not the messengers (angels!) of God. The terrorists were godless or they could not have acted with such evil.

To say these evil men were doing God's work is to give comfort to one of the most treacherous, cold-blooded enemies our nation has faced.

Now is not only the time to come to the aid of the nation.

Followers of the God of Love and Mercy have their own holy war. Now is the time to resurrect Him from those who, in the name of Christianity, have wrapped Him mummy-like in the rags of the worst traits of humanity and have named that image god" only to worship the worst in themselves.

While the quiet worshipers of the God of Love and Mercy have sat quietly, God's good name and the name "Christian" has been stolen by those who anthropomorphize God. The time has come to speak out and reclaim the name "Christian" and to restore the God of Love and Mercy.


El Centro

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