Voice: Cole Ranch home will remain in his heart

September 27, 2001

On Sept. 21 I said goodbye to my house. It had been my home for the past 45 years or so. It was built during the late 1940s and was home for my parents, Joseph and Juanita (Goff) Cole, as well as my brother Don and older brother James F. (Fred) Cole.

It was my home from the beginning, being brought home from the hospital after being born along with my twin brother, Don, in 1953. I grew up with my family just a stone's throw from my grandparents James C. and Vivian Cole and I visited them often throughout my early life. Whether it be for Christmas Eve or Easter, I was usually there.

My home was also a working ranch and at one time had cattle, milk cows, fruit trees, pigs and horses, to name a few. We grew alfalfa, cotton, grain and produce. When we stopped farming in the 1970s the land was rented out but our family still remained at our home.


My home was a safe haven for me most of my life.

Coming home from the Army or from college or for whatever reason, it offered me a chance to heal, refresh and prepare again for the next task ahead.

I will miss my home, the victim of progress. It will be leveled and a four-lane roadway will be put in its place along Cole Road in Calexico.

New homes will soon sprout from the ground and new families will come. Businesses will locate there and there will be no Cole Ranch. The presence of the Cole Family Ranch will soon be gone, along with its 98-year history.

It will be sorely missed by my family and I, although I work in Calexico and I will still drive on Cole Road by the old home site on my way to work. As I do, I will at times reflect on that part of my life in my old home. It will never be erased, bulldozed or lost but live in my heart forever.



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