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Voice: Co-workers who know Rose say he only uses parts of Bible to suit his needs

September 28, 2001

There has been a disturbing trend taking shape in the United States in the last few years. The efforts being expended locally to create a community environment have been undermined by efforts on the part of individuals who see fit to interject their own morality. Not the least of which is Mr. Ray Rose.

You have on several occasions spouted your brand of Christianity as the way of God and the Bible but have only used those portions of the Bible that suit your needs. The parts that encourage us not to judge or to leave vengeance to God have conveniently gone unnoticed by people like you.

Instead, at a time when this country finds itself in the throes of a potentially global conflict, you choose to spout your rhetoric.

The luxury of knowing you as an individual — we have worked with you for several years — does not diminish the amount of disdain we have for your logic. Although we like to consider ourselves as God-fearing individuals, we pause at the use of God's name in any effort that may validate itself by the suffering of people who had no choice in the matter. We knew you were a religiously devout person but never did we anticipate that you would actually capitulate on the terrorist attacks in this manner.


Don't you think that there are a lot people out there who have lost loves ones who do not care to hear your brand of religious bigotry? You should search your soul and decide whether you will become an active participant in the healing process or one of the festering wounds that won't go away.

There is nothing wrong with being a devout Christian, but you must keep in mind that God has always been the ultimate judge and jury in matters of the soul. For you to usurp the place of God to fill some need to be righteous only seems self-serving and ignorant. Keep in mind that anything that transpires in this world, whether it be homosexuality or wanton violence, is the providence of God, not you or your cronies.

The fact that you see it fit to expect the schools to teach the Bible and God's teachings go totally against the will of God when Jesus Christ said "Render unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar and to God that which belongs to God."

But if you should decide to stay the course, then you should make room for a mosque or a Buddha statue in every school in order to give other religions the same courtesy. Are you willing to admit your bigotry will not allow you to extend that courtesy?



El Centro

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