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Voice: Our nation now needs to keep praying, staying with God

September 30, 2001

After the Sept. 11 attacks, I watched this nation band together with one heart. I was embarrassed by even considering any of my problems when faced with the magnitude of the problems and pain of those personally affected by the attack.

I was glued to the television like much of America and I waited for any news of survivors. I cried with the broken-hearted, I cheered the rescuers, I was ready to re-enlist and fight with the military, and I prayed.

This activity called prayer is what seemed to help the most. It was something I could do to help. As I watched all of the events unfold, I found out I wasn't alone. All across this nation we were forced to our knees because we had nowhere else to turn.

I began to wonder where the people were who were always so boisterous about separation of church and state. To my joy, they were on their knees, too. All our differences, political viewpoints, cultural biases and religious preferences took a back seat when faced with the realization that we Americans could be attacked on our own soil and our daily lives could be drastically changed by an act of absolute evil.


We had to cry out for help from the judge of all evil, God. I believe God finally became real to a lot of broken, hurting and desperate people and I believe He has heard our cry.

He is called the God of all comfort, The Counselor, the Lifter of our heads and the Everlasting Father. He is The Word, The Light, The Savior, The Healer, The Truth and The Hope Eternal.

Knowing all of this about Him, I think we've gone to the right place for help. He will comfort, counsel, lift our faces toward Him and be daddy to us. He will speak His word to our hearts, light our way, save us from our enemy, heal our wounds, show us truth and give us hope again. All we need to do is ask. Don't quit asking. Keep on praying. Continue to embrace this spirit of benevolence that has been so wonderful after this horrendous act occurred.

I have noticed as we begin to return to a sense of normalcy, we've begun to become petty again about things that don't matter at all. Our lives will never be the same. This one act of evil has changed us and if we begin to focus back on ourselves instead of others and what we can do to help them, we will become as we were. We'll be blind once again to what is going on around us, deaf to the cries of the helpless and numb to the pain inflicted on so many.

It only took one person to pilot each plane to its target and it affected an entire nation and it looks like the entire world. What could an entire nation of people with one heart affect?

Keep on giving, keep on caring, keep on sharing, and mostly keep on praying. The God of all comfort does hear, and He does care, and He will move on our behalf. Turn to Him with your very lives.


El Centro

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