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Voice: Just stating the facts about the Israel/Palestine history

September 30, 2001

FDR in the winter of 1942/43 sent an Army officer, Col. Harold Hoskins, to the Middle East to assess the idea of sending Jewish refugees to Palestine. The British controlled most of the Middle East and set up pro-British puppet dictators to control their "property."

Oil was at stake and Iraq and Saudi Arabia had lots. The British feared the Arabs would turn pro-German if the Jews were let into Palestine. FDR's man returned with a gloomy assessment, so it was on hold until after the war.

FDR knew as early as 1942 about the massacre of Jews but he and Anthony Eden, British foreign secretary, feared accepting Jewish refugees might lead to a negotiated end to the war.

The British were already fighting the Jewish Zionists in Palestine. (Palestinians may have called them terrorists.) The Stern gang and the Irgun were assassinating police and public officials. They set off bombs and set ambushes trying to drive out the British. This in the midst of World War II.


Yitzhak Shamir and Menachem Begin, both later prime ministers of Israel, were part of these gangs. One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

In 1946, the King David Hotel was bombed as well as the 109-story British embassy, killing about 200. It's kind of like the World Trade Center incident. So finally the Brits had enough of the killing and they wanted to leave.

What turned the tide in the Jews' favor was Harry Truman's old friend and former business partner. He went to Truman and said "my people need a home." Truman gave the go-ahead. The U.S. was in control of the U.N. Who was going to argue with us?

The Russians had spent 30 years persecuting their own Jews so they voted yes also. Giving the Jews a home after Hitler's insane insurrection was a fair thing to do, but giving them someone else's land was a poor choice.

This is not anti-Semitic nor pro-neo-Nazi rhetoric. It's the truth. Don't take my word for it. Go to the library for yourself. Now it is time to be fair to the Palestinians or terrorism will not stop.

Finally, have you eve heard our media give you the Palestinian side of the story? Do you wonder why? If Israel is the only democracy in the region, why can't Palestinians move to another part of the country? Why can't they vote?

Though a lot of black Americans could freely move 40 years ago, many could not vote.

Israel has segregated schools for Jews and Palestinians. Is this democracy? If you have not heard the other side, maybe it is safe to assume the media is controlled.

Doesn't each controversy have two sides? Isn't it the American way to listen to both sides before we form a view? And can't we do this without name-calling?

We have spent nearly $1 trillion trying to keep this situation from exploding. It has cost about 10,000 lives, too. Do we want to add our kids to the toll? Do you want to live like the Israelis? Why don't we just give the money to the Palestinians? With big money in their pockets they can buy themselves a new home.


El Centro

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