PROBE: Oct. 1, 2001

October 01, 2001

QUESTION: I understood Adelphia raised our cable rate because it was going to give us more stations. Here in El Centro we are paying the higher rate but we are not getting any channels between 41 and 98! Why are we paying for channels we are not getting? Tonight I'm missing a hot football game on ESPN2. — Subscriber, El Centro

We feel your pain. However, Adelphia General Manager Tom Mixon said you are not paying for the new channels. The May rate increase was just a rate increase, not the bill for expanded services.

When you get that bill, take care of your own pain. We have troubles of our own.

QUESTION: I used to live in Brawley but now I live in Calexico. My friends in Brawley have all the new channels. I could deal with that but when I scroll through the channels to see what's on, I see all the great channels not available to me. That just adds to my agony. When are we going to get the new channels? And how much will it cost? — Football Fan, Calexico


Soon, says Mixon. The system is ready to go in Holtville and Imperial although it may be a month or two before its turned on for subscribers. El Centro and Calexico will be the last communities to get the expanded services.

Maybe it's time to renew your old Brawley ties. It looks like Calexico and El Centro will not get the new channels until the end of the year.

By the way, Northend subscribers are getting a break for now. They're getting the new channels without paying the hefty increase they will be paying later.

Mixon said the expansion pay hikes will go into effect after the whole system is online.

He wouldn't say how much it will cost when the upgrade is complete but we're guessing a bit cheaper than Dish TV. That's $39 a month for what Dish proclaims is 150 channels. Actually that's 100 television channels plus 50 music channels.

To coax you to toss out your dish, Adelphia will pay you $100 for the dish, Mixon said.

IN THE DICTIONARY — Look in Webster's New College dictionary. It will tell you what "eighty-six" means. — Researcher, Holtville

We knew what it means and so did those tipsy folks we talked to when we called the bars Thursday. We wanted to know why a respectable number like 86 came to mean you're being tossed out on your ear for being drunk and disorderly.

DRUNK AND DISORDERLY — "86" comes from an old California legal code that allows the ejection of someone for being drunk and unruly. I think that code designation may have been replaced by Section 647. — Sober, Rural Seeley

You may be right. Section 647 covers everything from loitering around a public toilet to blocking a public side walk. Cops have their own shorthand. If they arrest a drunk or move him off a side walk for being drunk and disorderly, his crime will show up on the police log as 647 for "drunk in public."

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