Our Opinion: Battling meth

October 01, 2001

Whether by coincidence, concerted effort or a combination of both, that local drug agents are making many methamphetamine drug-production busts in recent weeks is great news for our Imperial Valley.

It is possible that no drug ever created is as devastating and debilitating as meth. It quickly makes smart people stupid, attractive people ugly, trustworthy people crooks, young people old. It tears people apart mentally and physically. It ruins families and friendships.

Meth has ravaged many areas, particularly on the West Coast, and the Imperial Valley has suffered as much as any.

"Tweakers," as meth addicts are often called, are some of the most disreputable people around. Months or years before they started tweaking they may have been fine people, but this drug tears at their values and their physical beings.

The Imperial Valley has been both a meth production and meth use haven over the years. In recent weeks we have seen some locally based drug labs taken down and other significant busts of those allegedly involved with making the drug.


We are overjoyed with the work of the drug agents in ripping at the meth trade.

The chemicals used to make meth are highly toxic and combustible (a wonderful thing to put in your body, right, Mr. or Ms. Meth Head?) and often explode, so it is crucial that the labs and ingredients be taken out of commission as soon as possible. Drug agents know of the dangers of this junk and usually call in toxic teams to deal with the leftovers of a closed meth-cooking lab.

Drug agents have said such lab shutdowns and related busts means the amount of meth circulating on the streets of the Imperial Valley and beyond is significantly cut. That is a wonderful thing. For some reason this hideous drug still has a unique appeal to our young people, and if it is harder to get or more expensive because the supply is low, it will keep more of our youths away from it. Methamphetamine is a particularly addictive drug and one young people need to be particularly encouraged to avoid.

We are overjoyed to see our locally based drug agents attacking what may be our most devastating drug in the Imperial Valley and doing so at its source.

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