Voice: Not fair to single out sponsors in I.C. Film Commission fund raiser

October 02, 2001

I was disappointed and shocked by the letter I read Sunday concerning the Imperial County Film Commission's fourth annual Beer Tasting Extravaganza coming Saturday at the Barbara Worth Golf Resort.

To Mr. Pate, who wrote the article and wanted an explanation, I will certainly provide one.

Let me start by saying the Imperial County Film Commission is a non-profit organization that markets the Imperial Valley for filming, which in return generates vast revenues for local businesses. Approximately $2 million to $3 million are spent in the Imperial Valley annually by the film industry. The money goes straight to local businesses, not to the ICFC. (I think we can all agree the Imperial Valley greatly benefits and needs the filming industry.) The ICFC is supported by contributions, memberships and fund raisers.

The "beer tasting advertisement" referred to in your letter is an upcoming fund raiser the Barbara Worth Golf Resort kindly started four years ago in support of the ICFC. To my knowledge there has not been a single drunken driving accident due to this event. However, for safety precautions there will be designated drivers available that evening.


Mr. Pate, I have to say I feel you were extremely judgmental toward the Imperial Irrigation District and Pioneers Memorial Health Care District without knowing the facts of the situation. IID has been and is a huge supporter of the ICFC. They hold a seat on my board and are active participants in all events. Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District has not donated one cent to this event but has dedicated several hours in helping with the preparations.

Mr. Pate, I know you saw "sponsorship" in the ad and immediately saw dollar signs; however, sponsorships come in many forms. I applaud these two organizations and all the businesses that support the ICFC because they are able to see the big picture. Their support allows you, the local businessman, to stay in business.

Mr. Pate, I commend you for taking an interest in where your tax dollars are being spent, but next time check out all the facts before you start writing letters to the newspaper.

In a time of crisis as is our country, let's save the space in the newspaper for more important issues.

This could of all been avoided if you would have called the phone number that was in the ad. It said for more information call 337-4155. You wanted more information and I would have been pleased to share it with you. If there are any questions left unanswered for anyone, PLEASE call me.


Executive director

Imperial County Film Commission

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