Voice: Democrats propped up slavery

October 05, 2001

"That Congress has no power … to interfere with the questions of slavery." Section 7, of 1844;

"That Congress has no power … to interfere with the questions of slavery." Section 1848;

"That Congress has no power … to interfere with the questions of slavery." Section 9, 1852;

"That Congress has no power … to interfere with the question of slavery …" Section 1 and "that the Democrat Party will resist all attempts at renewing in Congress … the slavery question." Section 3, and "Resolved, repudiating all sectional parties and platforms concerning domestic slavery … Non-interference by Congress with slavery in state and territory or in the District of Columbia."

First resolution of 1856;

"Resolved that enactment of the state legislatures to defeat the faithful execution of the Fugitive Slave Law are hostile in character, subversive of the Constitution and revolutionary in their effect." Sixth resolution, and "that when settlers in a territory … to form a state constitution … and the state thus organized … ought to be admitted into the union … whether its Constitution prohibits or recognizes the institution of slavery." Section 3 "Breckenridge Faction" of 1860.


Reading the Imperial Valley Press on the Internet, I have noted that I've been savaged by some readers for an earlier letter I wrote speaking of the factual dislike of American values by the Democrat Party and some of its supporters. I was even contacted by phone by a woman who had served in the Navy for 20 years and subjected to her vitriol.

I submit the above facts to a candid world. They were published in the volume, "National Party Platforms" by Porter & Johnson, University of Illinois Press, 1967. When I speak of the evil of the Democrat Party and it supporters, I only note the facts.

After the World Trade Center destruction of Sept. 11 can the readers of the Imperial Valley Press tell me of the next greatest number of killings by those who hated America? It was in July 1863, when evil mobs of people sought out those who represented America and free blacks and murdered them. It was done in New York City. It was so bad the New York Times placed machine guns in the building.

As America was under a Republican administration hated by these evil people, can you guess which political party these murderers of the second greatest death count belonged to? They were called "Copperheads," because of their evil treachery. Some 1,000 people were most horrifically murdered by these evil terrorists. Black orphans were burned to death in their orphanage by these evil people!

Some black Americans call for reparations because of the slavery they endured. They need only look to the Democrat Party and its published party platforms in total support of slavery.

Hold accountable those people who championed the right to be free so they might enslave others. Let those Democrats with honor be first to step forward to apologize and reparate those blacks whom their political party sought to keep as slaves.

Oh wait, did I say "Democrats with honor?"


Stoughton, Mass.

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