Voice: HomeTown Buffet in no danger of closing

October 06, 2001

Your article of Sept. 30, inferring that HomeTown Buffet might close was in error and as the owner of HomeTown Buffet Calexico I want to set the record straight.

HomeTown Buffet has had a strong family relationship with the Imperial Valley and Mexicali communities over the past eight years. We pride ourselves in having the honor of hosting many community recognition programs, of sponsoring youth, teacher and non-profit organizations, and of being the catalyst for numerous family, company and community functions.

HomeTown Buffet will be here for as long as there is a community who wants the wide range of freshly prepared full-course meals for which we are famous. We would like to assure all those customers who telephoned us worried, after your inaccurate article appeared, that we have no intention of closing for any reason.

The tragic events of Sept. 11 have slowed the entire U.S. economy and Calexico is no exception. All business in Calexico have been affected and the entire community is feeling the effects of the border-crossing issues.


There seems to be little doubt that the issuing of new border-crossing cards could further exacerbate the situation. However we understand and concur with the need for stricter border security for everyone's safety.

In closing let me say that our hearts go out to the families whose lives have been affected by this terrible tragedy.



HomeTown Buffet


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