Voice: Who really is the racist?

October 08, 2001

Jim Hamilton, I take offense at you calling me a racist. I am more of a potential victim, if it wasn't that I don't allow anyone to become a racist using me.

One thing that I am, I am not afraid of you, anyone or anything. Under attack we mustn't show weakness or compromise.

Racist are some racist Christian whites who believe God did not give Mex-USAs the required genes for managing.

Employee promotion problems related to race exist at the county inspector's office where there are no Mex-USA county inspectors. Why in a 70 percent Mex-USA population?

In MAPA I did a fact-finding survey. The 30 well-know persons all volunteered without me asking that the general manager, although good, did not have the guts to put to end the racist problems pertaining to promotions at the Imperial Irrigation District


This type of problem also exists in county public works and the El Centro high school district. I'm not to blame for what they do. But I will speak against it.

My intent has been to give the Mex-USAs here in Imperial County courage to personally fight against their own racial discrimination experiences brought to my attention. Many don't defend themselves because they worry how they will be viewed by others. Others are happy where they are. Some believe in being submissive to obtain security.

The Mexican undocumented workers here in the USA are exploited and some are under near-slavery conditions with no rights. After all, they don't have clout because they can't vote. We Mex-USAs do vote and have clout.

Although we don't advocate illegal entry, we realize these workers are very essential to our economy and harvest and we do insist on humane treatment. Is this being racist?

Remember Jim Hamilton, it was you who vigorously went against the Mexican people in the late 1960s.

I will hug you if you don't feel as you did in the late 1960s.


El Centro

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