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Voice: Brawley police chief position already admirably filled

October 10, 2001

I'm writing this letter to the residents of Brawley. Do you realize that your City Council and the city manager are considering advertising for the position of chief of police? "What?" you say. "Why would they do this when it's obvious that the position is currently filled by two very competent and dedicated department veterans who have been doing an outstanding job."

The whole idea is so ludicrous it makes one question the sensibility of our elected officials.

Bob Kuhn and Henry Graham have been acting as co-chiefs of police for the last five years. Throughout their years of service and as heads of the department, they each have performed their duties in a fair and professional manner and have always made the safety of, and services to, the citizens of Brawley their top priority.

Each commendably has proven that he is more than capable of handling the chief of police position together or separately, should it ever be the case. So why would the council even be discussing the prospect of advertising when there's no need?


Prior to a certain individual getting elected to the council, there was never any discord among council members or residents regarding the management of the Police Department.

I would like to remind this individual that as an elected official, private agendas are unacceptable. Council members are elected to act in the best interest of the majority of their constituents and my feedback from the community is that people are extremely satisfied with the leadership in the Police Department.

Let's not tolerate the council's blatant disregard for a job well done by Kuhn and Graham.

Call your council members and let them know there is absolutely no need to advertise for a (chief of police) position that is already admirably filled.



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