Probe: October 10, 2001

October 10, 2001

QUESTION: Two years ago I met a woman in Niland who asked for directions. She said she worked at PROBE and was delivering a food basket.

I told her I had a PROBE question. My mother was murdered in Yuma. It was a brutal murder. Mom was beaten, raped and had her neck broken. The killer had bitten her, pulling chunks out of her body. The killer is on death row.

I told her I wanted help in getting my mother a headstone because I can't work anymore. When my mother died I fell apart. I go to Imperial County mental health.

She took down all the information and I haven't heard anything since. Please help me get my mother a tombstone. She deserves a stone to mark her grave. — Still Waiting, Brawley


We remember meeting you. It was Christmas Eve and we were delivering a box of Christmas toys, food and money collected for a Niland family. When we couldn't find anybody to take the goodies to Niland, we delivered the stuff ourselves.

We don't believe we promised to get a headstone for your mother's grave. Usually we are careful not to make promises but we don't always follow our own rules.

What we do is report a need and sometimes a PROBE reader fills the need. When it works it's wonderful.

Write to us again and tell us where your mother's grave is located.

SMELL THE DESERT ROSES — I am "the jerk" who invested his life and every resource into the labor of love called the Desert Rose Saloon. The Desert Rose closed two years, eight months and five days ago.

It makes you wonder why "Heavy Footed" would complain at this late date. She was a loud and obnoxious middle-aged woman. Being "young at heart" is one thing, but acting like an idiot is another.

However, I agree she was never drunk because she was nothing but a freeloader the two years I put up with her screaming and stomping during the dinner hour. Is she really ignorant enough to think I would put her need to act like a fool ahead of the diners who were supporting the Rose? — The Jerk, El Centro

You say you put up with it for two years, but she didn't call you a jerk. What she called you was not suitable for print in a family newspaper. You, however, really did call her a "loud and obnoxious middle-aged woman." That was cold.

What we were discussing was the many facets of the term, "86" and "86ed."

AN AMERICAN NAME — You said you couldn't think of a REAL American name. How about Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Pocohontas and so forth?

Did you know most Mexicans have some Arab blood? During the Spanish conquests of Mexico, only 25 percent of Spain's standing army and navy were Spanish, 25 percent were Sephardic Jews and the rest were Moors or Arabs. I saw that on a PBS special two weeks ago.

When the French invaded Mexico, 80 percent of its army was Algerians (Arabs). When the Mexicans defeated the French in the famous battle at Puebla, only 20 percent of the French army was French.

When the Mexicans finally kicked out the French, the soldiers didn't go home. Many stayed, married Mexican women and changed the gene pool. — Hispanic, Calexico

We don't want to bust your bubble but the Indians were not really Americans. They came here, allegedly from Asia, before anybody got around to calling this place America.

The new scientific theory is we all came from Africa and we all descended from the same African woman.

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