Voice: Did I.V. Press editorial board take payoff for Westmorland editorial?

October 15, 2001

Question? How much did the mayor of Westmorland pay you to take his side (Political Factions Hurt)?

When elected officials are voted into office, they are put there to serve at the pleasure of the people who elected them. When Robert Owen of Salton Sea wrote "Voice of the People" on Sept. 2 about government officials needing to listen to the people, he could have easily been talking about Westmorland. Truer words I have never heard.

I think some elected officials forget why they are elected officials. More often than not, a few, not all, get into office and get power hungry, greedy and become downright rude to the people they serve! I cheer John Makin for at least trying to keep the citizens of Westmorland informed. Westmorland does have a lot of problems, but what city doesn't? At least he is trying.

From a taxpayer's point of view — I had to put my property in the hands of the city through the enforcement of an assessment where I will pay an additional $4,528 in taxes in order for the city to have that new water and sewer plant. Therefore, I have a vested interest in what goes on at City Hall and so does every other taxpayer in Westmorland.


When the office help makes more than our police officers, when other elected officials are treated badly and like the "enemy" for asking city-related questions, then yes, there is a problem! Our city government is made up of five elected council members, one elected city clerk and one elected city treasurer; not just one appointed mayor!

I agree with this paper that the citizens deserve good leaders, but right now we don't have that. Again, at least, John Makin and Larry Ritchie are trying, but until you walk in their shoes, who are you to judge them? What barrier did this paper set up when it accused John Makin of "going on the attack"? Most people know right from wrong.

Every time our elected officials make bad or incomplete decisions, it is the taxpayer who has to dig into their pockets to make it right. I say "NO." Let the city dig into their own pocket for change. We stopped the water increase but now we are being hit with a trash increase. Well guess what's next? Sewer, and yet the waste continues!


City clerk


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