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City and employees continue negotiations

October 16, 2001|By AARON CLAVERIE, Staff Writer

CALEXICO — The City Council met in closed session in council chambers Monday to discuss ongoing negotiations between the city and its employees.

City Attorney Michael Rood said no decisions were made.

He said direction would be given to the city's labor negotiator to take back to the five representatives of the city's employee associations.

The talks have been ongoing for months and deal with the city's 2001-2002 budget.

At the beginning of the council's budget process earlier this year representatives of the miscellaneous employees' association protested the annual budget.

The association's spokeswoman, Gloria Grijalva, said there needed to be more input from the employees before a budget was approved.

Addressing her calls for participation, the council provided the associations with the numbers and data it used before making its hiring decisions.


After a month-long delay, the budget was approved.

Since August the five associations have been in conference with city officials to hammer out some sort of deal.

If a deal is not struck, Rood said the city and the associations could reach an impasse.

At that point a state arbitrator would be brought in to settle the differences.

As for the details keeping the city and employees apart, Rood said, "I'm not privy to talk about those details. It's not good to talk about that. It could be construed as bad faith negotiations."

He said the issues being discussed are "normal issues" and said there is little to no possibility of a strike by city employees.

"(Public safety and essential services employees) don't have the luxury to strike," he said.

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