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Voice: IVC part-time teachers need a pay raise

October 16, 2001

Imperial Valley College employs approximately 250 individuals as part-time faculty (teachers, counselors, and librarians). The part-time faculty are paid an hourly wage for time they are actually in class, counseling or in the library. No additional compensation is paid for time spent preparing for classes or grading papers and tests between classes.

They have no contract, no due process, no grievance procedures, no protection from arbitrary administrators. Oh, and that hourly wage they receive it's the lowest among California's 71 community college districts. Part-time employees at the local fast-food restaurant have a better employment situation than the part-time faculty, who may be helping them reach their educational goals.

This summer, Gov. Gray Davis signed the budget, which included $57 million for raising part-time faculty salaries. This money is restricted to increasing part-time faculty hourly wages and will be included in the base monies provided to community college districts in coming years. The approximate amount for IVC is $258,000.


As the current president of the full-time faculty association, I have attempted to speak for the part-time faculty. I have attempted to spur the IVC superintendent/president into doing the right thing, for the right reason, and at the right time (now!).

Unfortunately, Dr. Gilbert Dominguez has been playing one delaying tactic after another for several months now. He recently sent out a memorandum to the part-time faculty informing them that they may not receive the pay increase because someone in Sacramento has not returned his phone call.

The part-time faculty of IVC, like the full-time employees, are your neighbors, your friends even your family members. It is time that the trustees of the college heard your voice, clear. Please support your IVC faculty.


Imperial Valley College

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