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Voice: Schwarz a skunk cabbage stink grass Republicant

October 16, 2001

I read Don Schwarz's letter in the local paper regarding "Clinton's legacy." This is one more Republicant lie. The truth of the matter is that bin Laden received his start under President Carter, became more powerful under President Reagan and flourished under President Bush, at least until 1989.

Bin Laden always hated the United States, but turned his attention toward us during the Gulf War, which began in 1990. Remember this man was trained and financed by the American CIA from 1977 to at least 1990. Some of this was known by Congress and the rest was covert.

Our Republicant friend is full of lies, lies, lies and more lies. The some total of these lies is a bouquet of skunk cabbage for Republicant Schwarz.

Republicant Schwarz's silly attack on the Kennedy family is simply because he likes to attack dead people. It sure is easier for a Republicant simpleton. For his lazy habits here I award him one bunch of stink weed.


I firmly believe the reason that Schwarz and his fellow Republicants hate Clinton so much is he has talked a homeland for Palestine. Oh yeah! Let's yells and scream hate, Ben Stein and Jackie Mason. Hell, I used to think the Israeli army was our republic's army in the Middle East. I guess not.

Well good-bye, Mr. Republicant, for now. You make my day.


El Centro

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