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Putting old lessons to new use


October 17, 2001|By KELLY GRANT, Staff Writer

IMPERIAL — The answer to the age-old question posed by whiney math students — "When will I ever use this?" has finally been answered.

Yes, it can be used, if for no other purpose than to help their own children with their homework.

Imperial High School hosted its first ever family math night for parents and students Tuesday in an effort to make the transition from algebra to geometry smoother for students, organizers said.

Students often have trouble when starting geometry, said Imperial math teacher Kim Walther.

Parents, Walther said, often have trouble helping their children with math in general. Geometry can be more of a challenge for parents because years ago it was the last math class many parents took, Walther said. Today's students go as far as pre-calculus if not calculus.

"We planned something to benefit both the parent and student as they worked together," said Imperial High Vice Principal Lisa Tabarez.


The crowd, whose numbers were greater than organizers expected, gathered in the school's old gym to work geometry problems led by Imperial math teachers.

Mary Thomas, mother of Imperial High junior Andrew Thomas, conceded she doesn't help her son much with math.

"He's much better at it than I am," she said, laughing.

Though Thomas didn't expect to suddenly understand geometry, a class she never took in high school, she said it was important to come to the math night anyway.

"I wanted to see what they were teaching and, of course, to show support and be involved," Thomas said.

The Imperial High math department hopes to have similar math nights once each quarter.

Staff Writer Kelly Grant can be reached at 337-3441.

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