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Voice: Santillan should be banned from letters to editor but still get some love

October 21, 2001

This letter is in response to Mr. Santillan's comments in a recent letter to the editor

Mr. Santillan, as a fellow Mexican-American I can't believe the stuff you write in the

paper. It makes me sick. You of all people should know that violence starts with hate, and as far as I am concerned you should not be able to write letters in the paper.

The Imperial Valley Press should save the room for people who actually have something good to say. I really don't know what your parents taught you when you were growing up but mine taught me to love all no

matter what. That includes Democrats, Republicans, white, Hispanic, African-American, whatever.

I don't care what you say or what facts you have, but I don't believe war is any easier on whites than Hispanics or African



Mr. Santillan, maybe you need to shut your mouth before you start something and it gets you in trouble, but note this; the day you need help, don't worry. I will come help you because I love you.



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