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PROBE: October 23, 2001

October 23, 2001

COMMENT: I read in reporter Darren Simon's story Friday about the discovery of human bones uncovered from erosion by the side of a ditch at the old Imperial cemetery. I was out at the cemetery today and saw a bunch of bones.

I found the cache of bones east of those found last week.

There were finger bones, a neck or back bone, a piece of a skull and a breast bone so small it could only have come from a baby.

I saw some old wood, too. It looked like part of an old casket. I looked in it and there was a cluster of bones. I dug in the dirt with my hands, gathered up the bones and stacked them up in two piles. I didn't know what to do with them so I came to PROBE. — Shivering, Imperial

What a time for human bones to work their way out of the ground, just in time for Halloween. This may be more than the little ghouls who like to bask in the light of a harvest moon or the orange glow reflected from a granite tombstone in the old cemetery can take.


County sheriff's Sgt. Rick Mackin sent a deputy out to the cemetery to meet you so you could show the deputy where more bones are being uncovered.

The bones will be turned over to the Central Valley Cemetery District for reburial. The district oversees Evergreen Cemetery in El Centro, Terrace Park in Holtville and the Imperial cemetery.

Macken said the bones may date back to the turn of the century.

QUESTION: Last week, I saw some soldiers wearing camouflage suits by the El Centro water treatment plant on Clark Road. Were they protecting the water plant from terrorists? — Jittery, Calexico

No, they were going next door to the shooting range to practice their marksmanship. The National Guard reserved the range Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of last week, according to El Centro Police Chief Ray Loera.

By the way, we were not satisfied with the answer we got Friday from the Sheriff's Office about the safety of crop dusters so we called some cropdusting companies.

Larry Ross, owner of the Ross Flying Service, said he keeps his planes locked in a hanger at night, hemmed in by other heavy equipment.

A crop duster is an expensive piece of equipment. Nobody is going to take a chance on having one stolen, he said.

We hope so but those terrorists are crafty dudes.

QUESTION: I live out by the Fountain of Youth Spa. Somebody keeps calling me. The phone rings twice. I have Caller ID so I have the number.

But I'm not going to call. I know it's a telemarketer. Can you find out if other people are getting the calls.

When I talked to my friends at the Spa, several said they got the same call. They didn't call back either. What are they selling? — Not Buying, rural Niland

We called the number for you and got a recording.

They're selling "voice mail personal toll-free numbers" for $19.95 a month. If you buy, you get $25 worth of "free" long distance and a "three-day and two-night stay" in Las Vegas.

We have had deals like that before so why do we think there's a catch? Well, because we never did talk to a live human so we could ask a question (we're worried about those "toll-free" calls). Every time we get anything free it always costs us money. And the number you captured on your Caller I.D. was a toll call. Don't tell the boss.

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