Our Opinion: They're all winners

October 23, 2001

The Cattle Call queen contest has come and gone and the three young women who took part in it deserve praise for the hard work and professionalism they have shown. Each has proven to be a positive representative of the Cattle Call Rodeo.

The 2001 court consists of Cattle Call Queen Lindsay Taylor, First Princess Carly Slater and Second Princess Eleanor Nilson. Each worked hard in the months leading to the contest in fine-tuning their horsemanship skills and on getting ready for all aspects of the contest. It is not easy to do. It takes time. It takes commitment. It takes courage.

Each of the contestants finds herself facing new responsibilities as a role model for children and as a representative of the rodeo, both in and outside the Imperial Valley.

The Cattle Call queen contest is a long-standing tradition in the Imperial Valley. The Valley has a rich history and the Cattle Call queen competition, parade and rodeos all play a vital role in that history.


The queen contest is the first event leading to the Cattle Call rodeo, which will take place Nov. 10 and 11. In the week before the rodeo there will be a number of events celebrating the rodeo, and all offering the Imperial Valley community a chance to come together.

While Cattle Call Arena may be in Brawley, and the majority of Cattle Call-related events in that North County city, Cattle Call is Imperial Valley event. The rodeo is part of Imperial Valley history. We urge the Imperial Valley community to check out a few events during the week leading up to the rodeo.

There are events to interest everyone from a chili cook-off to mariachi events, from beef contests to poetry, to a parade Nov. 10 that draws thousands of people from all over the country.

We are pleased this year's Cattle Call has gotten off to such a positive start by the success of the queen contest. All those who made the contest possible — from the queen contest committee to the sponsors, to those who attended the events and gave their support — deserve credit.

We wish the queen and her court the best of luck as they go about their new duties representing rodeo and representing the Valley. They certainly are off to a good start.

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